donderdag 4 juli 2013

Berry-Banana-Quickstep BBQ

Great summer snack!

It looks easy and it is!
Quantities are not important here at all. Just make sure you add enough fruit juice to keep the banana from burning. 

-cane sugar, it just adds more flavour than white sugar
-orange juice
-fresh summer herbs, rosemary and lemon thyme

Up and away:
This tin foil container is perfect and will last you more than one summer barbie.
-Start with some kind of fruit juice and summer fruit to flavour the sauce for the banana.
-Add a spoon of cane sugar and a little cognac (don't worry later you can add more. If you use it all now it will only evaporate).
-Pop in the banana with or without peel. The peel does protect the banana from the blazing heat of the BBQ.
-Add some other fruits and leave to simmer until banana is a little softened.
-Ten minutes before serving you add the herbs. Rosemary, lemon thyme  
--I find regular thyme gives this dish a soup flavour- You could use a little lavender, but do be careful it might turn into a really nice soap-flavoured dessert... Rosemary an be pretty strong too.
-So finally add the cognac, taste and serve!

Serve with what?
-Straight up
-ice cream

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